10a-12a Broughton St . Edinburgh . EH1 3RH

Sunda7 Sharing Menu

Basement Sunday Sharing Seven Menu

The 7th day is for sharing great food with great friends.  Check out our £7 menu, where everything is (funnily enough) £7. Fill your table with the best of The Basement and enjoy a few drinks to boot. Available all day every Sunday, see you there! Book a table

3 for 2 Tacos on Tuesdays & Thursdays

The Basement Taco Tuesdays Thaco Thursdays

Previous image Next image Who needs a third wheel when you can have a third taco?  Join us on Taco Tuesdays and Thaco Thursdays and enjoy any 3 tacos for the price of 2. Perfect for sharing with friends and for sharing with yourself. Bookings and walk-ins welcome. View Menus Book here

Cold Town Beer Towers

Cold Town Beer Towers at The Basement

Pour your own pints at your table with one of our brand new Cold Town Beer towers. Each tower can be filled with 4 pints of your choice of Cold Town Beer brew.

Gift Vouchers

Edinburgh’s Flavour Gift Vouchers We are proud to be a part of the ‘Edinburgh’s Flavour’ collection which is a group of Edinburgh’s most deliciously interesting and unique places to eat, drink and meet. When you purchase a Edinburgh’s Flavour Restaurant voucher via the Edinburgh’s Flavour online shop the recipient will benefit from being able to use […]

10a-12a Broughton St . Edinburgh . EH1 3RH

If you think we have great chat just wait until you taste the food